Identify Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) Using AI Accurately, Safely & Quickly

Stopping pedophiles with AI

Identify CSAM on images and videos that have never been hashed

Getting Results Fast

Analyzes 1 TB in approximately 20 minutes;
Average of 3 seconds to analyze a full video

Minimizing Harm To Investigators

Protects investigators from exposure to traumatizing harmful materials

What does our solution do?

Finding A Needle In A Haystack

Digital devices seized in CSAM cases contain massive volumes of data that must be analyzed to locate evidence 

Investigators are forced to rely on hash identification and sort through all seized media manually, which can take days

How does it work?

Stopping pedophiles with AI


The algorithm enables law enforcers to sweep through the entire media copied from confiscated devices in record time, with unprecedented accuracy


Netspark’s AI-based CaseScan auto-identification platform is patent protected


The technology is easily integrated in accordance with customer's requirements

A win-win situation

Minimizing Harm To Investigators

Netspark AI solution protects investigators from traumatizing exposure to massive amounts of harmful materials

Flexible Deployment Options​​

Netspark technology is easily deployed in accordance with the customer’s needs

Collaboration with experts

Expert Development

Based on Netspark’s registered patent, CaseScan was developed in collaboration with world-leading law enforcement officials, including Commander (ret.) Meir Hayun, former head of unit 105, the cyber unit in the Israeli Police which tracks and captures pedophiles

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